Let's go Running- Fargo

Let's go Running - Fargo 

  A place to unite all the runners/walkers and running groups in the Fargo Moorhead and surrounding areas. All inclusive, all invited and encouraged. Make posts and engage - let's support and unite and be together even when we can't.
Post your run plans, your sweaty selfie or ask questions - surely someone can answer them.
We want all the friends - old and new.
Run groups or individuals: Post your running plans or create an event , share events and runs - virtual or in-person.
Together we are stronger and more confident and better.
*******Let's just go running. **********
Add your friends, add people that like to run - add people that can be inspired by seeing posts. 
Sales from this collection go towards water stops, nutrition and all around fun for the community! 
Link to group - join! 
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