BadAss Grandmas

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Long ago and far away, a coffee group of retired professionals realized that all of them had seen way too much government corruption, environmental destruction, lack of accountability, and disregard for the needs of citizens. Maybe, they thought, they could do something. 

They committed to try. Two years later, voters approved their proposed state constitutional amendment. Now, sources of ‘dark money’ must be disclosed, lobbyists and public officials must give up perks and gifts, and the new state Ethics Commission supports open, ethical, and accountable government.

Three BadAss Grandmas campaigned successfully for voter support, with significant assistance from the national democracy reform community. They decided to help expand the rapidly growing movement of ordinary citizens rejecting corruption and repairing the broken processes our democratic republic requires.

What's your superpower? Talk with your coffee group, friends, and family. Become a fully informed voter. Help with elections. Call out corruption. Support organizations that are working on issues like voting rights, voter-responsive government, transparency, money in politics, and anti-corruption. The need is overwhelming, but if each of us does a little, we can accomplish a lot.


Join us, won’t you? We have no meetings or dues. We are devotedly non-partisan. People of any age or gender are welcome. Just decide to be a BadAss _____ for Democracy. Wear our shirt! Give one to your own BadAss Grandma! It makes people smile, and it starts great conversations that raise awareness and build support. 


All proceeds from sales go to the League of Women Voters of Bismarck-Mandan, North Dakota.