Storefront Types

Storefront Types

Decide what type of storefront best aligns with your goals
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Fullfillment without inventory burdens
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Ongoing fulfillment for established organizations



The best way for group orders and high impact fundraising

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Large organization and sports team ordering made easy

Shared Perks

Shared perks of all storefront types
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Get Paid Fast

Receive payments from us for sales made via secure ACH. Permanent stores are paid monthly. Temporary stores are paid upon close. You decide the margin on your terms.


Because all orders are made in the size and color preference of the shopper, there is no finished inventory for you to carry and no wasted payments.

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24 Hours a Day

Unlike a traditional brick and mortar, you store is always open. Your supporters can shop when it is convienient for them.

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Customer Service

Customers can chat in, email or call with questions about your products. We eill give them the best experience possible to ensure a smooth order process.

Marketing Tools

We will send you high res mockups, a QR code and your custom link once your store is open. Simply share, post and talk about your store to see success and orders arrive.

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Quick Turnaround and Delivery

Orders are completed within 2 weeks. Customers can decide between in-store pickup or $6.75 shipping at checkout.

Permanent Storefront

Ongoing fulfullment for established organizations
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Permanent storefronts are best for established organizations that already have ongoing need. Orders are made as they are placed in your store.

Pick up to 5 items and 2 designs to offer. We see the most success with smaller, seasonal launches rather than offering a large catalog upon start up. This also keeps your initial investment minimal so you can begin making profits faster. New product launches keep shoppers invested and drive sales.

Upon start up, you have the option to prepurchase design transfers or have us print each order design on demand. Organizations that want a higher profit margin should decide to prepurchase their transfers as it is less expensive. For organizations with a primary goal of fulfillment, a completely on demand option could work best.

Your investment includes a completed sample of each item you decide to offer. Wholesale cost is determined on how you decide we make your orders. Margin and selling price are decided by you.

Sales are reconciled once each month. We will send you a copy of each order made in your store so you can see what is most popular and who is purchasing. A prompt ACH payment is sent for the funds raised in your store.

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Temporary Storefront

The best way for group orders and high impact fundraising
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Temporary storefronts are best for group orders, high impact fundraising or for those just getting started with merch sales. You decide on an open and close date for your store, usually 2 - 3 weeks. Orders are made together as a group once the store closes.

Pick up to 6 items and 2 designs to offer and there are no up-front costs to you.

Many temporary store owners decide to continue with a permanent storefront if they had success and interest.

We will give you a wholesale cost and selling prices are decided by you. Sales are reconciled and you are paid via ACH upon the closure of the store. We will send you a copy of each order made.

Corporate Storefront

Large organization and sports team fulfillment made easy
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This type of store is for large organizations, sports teams or those that have 50+ people who will order on an on-going basis. Your store is always open and orders are made on-demand.

Investment starts at $75 and covers product set up and quarterly additions to your store. You receive the lowest tier pricing based on order volume. Although store owners can add a margin to their products, most use the store as a platform to make order fulfillment a breeze. Samples are not required for this storefront option, however we highly reccomend them to ensure the best experience for your shoppers.

These types of stores can be hidden from our main menu if you are wanting to keep your store a little more private. Also, shoppers can create profiles that enable the store owner to add credit or offer different pricing tiers within the organization. For example, an employee that performed above and beyond could be rewarded with store credit.

Even when there are no margins on the products in the store, sales are reconciled monthly. You are given a copy of each order placed for your records. If there is a margin on your items, you are paid via ACH at this time.

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