Fred's Dissonance

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After being hit by a drunk driver in 2018, Founder Frederick Edwards Jr. started Fred's Dissonance as a result of his tragic experience. Fred spent months back in Fargo, ND trying to figure out his purpose. It was important to him that spaces would have culture, vibrant and thriving people, and not be dominated by alcohol, which is uncommon in North Dakota. 

Freds Dissonance was founded with a vision to have a thriving Black and Brown economy, spaces, and places where inclusion is the minimum. and most importantly a platform that centers Black people, and Black experiences. As we know Black people are not monoliths, we all have unique experiences and skills that makes us who were are today. Our goal is to pull those strengths out in an attempt to better the lives of the Black and Brown community around us. 

At Freds Dissonance, we know and are fully committed to promoting Intersectionality and equity as a core aspect of who we are as a company. You can mandate diversity, but you cannot mandate inclusion, because inclusion is what sustains the culture of a community. Through its people, conversations, and events. Fred's Dissonance emphasizes sustainable success within an inclusive environment that relishes healing, arts, dreams, and aspirations of a thriving community.