December Storefront of the Month: Down Home

Posted by BigCommerce on Dec 6th 2021

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DEC 1, 2021

December Storefront of the Month:
Down Home

Meet nonprofit Down Home

Down Home is a Fargo-based nonprofit that specializes in helping furnish homes for families and individuals emerging from homelessness. Started in October 2017 by the Fillipi family, this growing organization has helped countless families in the FM area. Their process is hands on and "Boots on the Ground": after meeting with the families to determine their situation, they coordinate the essential needed items and a team of people to help transform the space. After the initial reveal, Down Home makes sure to follow up, stay in contact, and be a point of the support for years to come.

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Q&A with Director of Down Home, Jenessa Fillipi

What inspired your family to create Down home?

Down Home has been a long time coming. I have been an elementary school counselor in the community for 15 years, and over time, a significant gap became evident for families emerging from homelessness. While families were able to secure housing, pay for rent, and other basics, they were unable to afford the comforts and dignity of a furnished and decorated home. We partner with area agencies who work with the homeless population, and upon application acceptance, we meet the family, coordinate all items and people to completely transform their empty space into a beautiful home. We eliminate barriers alongside other nonprofits doing powerful work. We provide follow up resources and opportunities for those who become part of our DH family. You can see more about who we are and what we do at our newly updated website!

Do you have any happy stories that have stuck with you throughout your Down Home experience?

Each family we serve has a special place in our hearts, different moments forever etched in our minds. They all become a part of the greater Down Home story. I will never forget the tears of joy, the squeals of excitement, the jumps on the brand new beds, the hugs and notes of gratitude, the humbling moments of silence as a family tries to take in the reality of their new space which is only made possible through the thousands of generous donations within our community. Each home we transform is filled with the love and support of our community.

What's your favorite way to brighten up a room?

Accent pillows! My husband and four children can attest to my addiction of purchasing new accent pillows. They do help veer me when they are shopping with me, yet when left to shop on my own, I am known to come home with another pillow or two (shh!).

What is a song that best describes Down Home and your work?

Our name Down Home was actually divinely inspired as our mission holds tight to the core values within the Alabama song, Down Home. The chorus goes, “Down Home, where they know you by name and treat you like family. Folks know when they are falling on hard times they can fall back on those of us raised up Down Home.”

Are there volunteer opportunies for Down Home?

What would that entail?

Down Home is blessed with the gift of our volunteers. Here are a few opportunities.

        1. Power Team: We invite people to join us on Wednesday mornings at 9:00 for our Power Team in which we pray for the families we have served and greater community.
        2. Warehouse: We invite handy people to help with minor updates and fixes to donations that we are preparing to rehome with one of our families.
        3. Social Media Ambassador: We invite our social media influencers to help build awareness and share of our impact with others.
        4. Move-In Sponsorship: Businesses, families, and faith communities can financially sponsor a move-in and also have the opportunity to be a part of the powerful process.

Contact us at 701-532-1488 or go to Contact Us from our website for more details.

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"A place to invite family and friends.

A place to feel inspired, comforted, and nurtured.

A place of belonging and new beginnings."

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