Posted by BigCommerce on Oct 20th 2020

Our Favorite brands

October 7, 2020

You deserve only the best.

We believe you deserve the highest quality shirts on the market. Who would want to buy a shirt that is stiff, scratchy, or immediately falls apart? Our passion is to truly help the small businesses, nonprofits, and local organizations we work with, and we know offering the best product and extensive knowledge on different options is a great place to start. Whether you're an organization making items through us, or one of its customers shopping their pieces on our website, it is important to know why you should #DoGood with us.

There are so many benefits to choosing to print on better shirts:

1.   You will sell more items because people like to buy shirts that are soft, stretchy, and comfortable to wear. In addition, you and your customers are more likely to love them and wear them more often. The more you can, and want to, wear shirts from us, the more you promote your business and the good you do!

2. Higher quality brands are more sustainably focused. They believe in quality that will last, wear after wear and wash after wash. They also pay more attention to sourcing better materials and reducing waste at their facilities. This attention to longer lasting items reduces waste and consumption, which in turn reduces your and your customers' carbon footprint and gives us another day on our beautiful planet.

3.   We can make you nicer shirts, at nearly the same cost to you, and sell them at a slightly higher price (because of their higher value). Because of this, you make a higher profit on each item that can directly impact your good!

4.   They are designed to be decorated! Shirts and garments from other places may not be made with the right materials or durability to withstand the heat and pressure of certain printing methods. Every shirt we order has high quality, and can handle the variety of printing methods we offer in a way that looks great and lasts a long time.

5.   So many more!

Of course, every brand is different.

Bella + Canvas has slowly been making its way big in the premium t-shirt market. Co-founders Danny and Marco started a screen printing company after high school, and realized the need for better apparel made specifically made for a variety of decorations. They started by launching their own business to fill this need, which eventually became known as the Bella + Canvas we love today. As Bella + Canvas has grown, they have become known for 5 pillars of their business. First, their products are premium crafted with combed and ring spun airlume cotton, providing them with their soft feel and awesome fit. Second, they produce their garments right here in the USA! They have become the largest apparel manufacturer in America and created thousands of jobs by keeping their production in the states. Third, Bella + Canvas is committed to eco-friendly processes that reduce waste and their ecological footprint. Fourth, they are extremely innovative by always researching new materials, launching new collections, and creating content for their blog and YouTube channel. Last, Bella + Canvas has an amazing business culture. They foster entrepreneurship, cultivate new ideas, and promote a "Be Different" mentality to create collaborative departments and help employees stay healthy in mind and body.

District is a new apparel basics brand with vibrant energy and creativity. Their employees are fashion conscious, mindful of trends, and great at interpreting new ideas in the fashion industry into their collection of elevated basics. All of their products are mindful of comfort and foster an appreciation for high value and quality. District is very transparent about their products and supply chain specifications, and take great care that all their garments are of high quality that meet, or more likely exceed, all expectations and requirements by governments and independent organizations. Each product includes a tracking number that can be used to trace its journey through production. They also closely monitor their manufacturers and distributers to make sure they comply with the highest international measures for safety and quality. Our favorite part about District is their inclusion of extended sizes for all their garments. Their sizing model is well developed and includes sizing up to 4X-Large for both men and women. Because of this inclusion and use of high quality materials and manufacturing practices, we love District garments as a go to for a variety of our collections.

Alternative Apparel is one of our favorite brands because of their promise to provide the most eco-friendly on the market. Their styles are focused on timeless basics that will last a long time and customers will want to wear over and over again. This reduces waste from over consumption or thrown out textiles. They strive to balance simplicity and style in all aspects so their pieces become wardrobe staples. They are extremely innovative in their use of materials for all their garments. Currently, more than 80% of their pieces are made with sustainable materials, and have made a pledge to replace all virgin polyester with 100% recycled polyester by 2021. Their Alternative Eco materials include heavyweight recycled cotton, hemp blend jersey, 100% organic cotton, and cotton-modal interlock. These fibers are the most sustainable materials you can find in apparel production at the moment and reduce waste with longer lasting pieces, make less of a negative impact on the environment from chemicals, and use more renewable resources in production. For this reason, Alternative has the softest feel with a really positive impact. #DoGoodFeelGood

Next Level Apparel is one of the leading distributors of apparel in the USA with many warehouses and distributors throughout the country that help create and distribute the best garments to businesses like us to offer to our customers. They are committed to providing the best customer service, following all product safety standards set by multiple third party organizations, and conducting ethical and high quality distribution factories to ensure a safe workplace for all employees. They are transparent in how they respect the rights of every individual who works for or with them and reducing their negative impact on the planet. These standards are set in the areas of employee relations, nondiscrimination, harassments, abuse, forced or child labor, freedom of association, health and safety, the environment, hours of work, compensation, hours of work, and subcontracting. This transparency goes a long way in helping businesses who care feel comfortable working with them and promoting their garments.

Sport Tek is the best quality items for any athletic apparel collections we produce because they offer amazing high performance garments with vibrant colors. Their items offer breathability, moisture wicking properties, and odor resistance to allow athletes to perform their best. Additionally, Sport Tek utilizes bleed-resistant PosiCharge technology to ensure printability of all decorations look great, feel secure, and last long. Being a division of the same company as District, Sport Tek also follows all the same expectations and requirements throughout their manufacturing and production processes to ensure transparency for all items.

In conclusion, we strive to lead you in the right direction towards the greatest products that do just as much good as you. Check out these brands at their websites and keep an eye out for their garments on our website.