Zurn Family Reunion 2020

Select your shirt and get ready for the family reunion on August 1st! Please place your order no later than July 10th 2020

Hello Cousins and all, In the summer of 2020 there will be a Zurn Reunion, consisting of the Descendants below. Joseph b.d.1825 and Margarethea Adelaid Kern Zurn b.d.1830 immigrated from Grose Baden, Germany to America in 1847. Below are their children in birth order that where born in America. 1-Louis 1850/Margaret Schmidt Zurn had 10 children…Over 73 Facebook Friends 2-William 1851/Elizabeth Brookman Zurn had 10 children… Over 5 Facebook Friends 3-Joeseph 1852/ Katherine Groff had 8 children 1 Facebook Friend 4-Ellen 1853 no kids, died at 19 5-Peter 1856/Elizabeth Warner had 5 children… Over 26 Facebook Friends 6-Frank 1858/Mary Eigen no children 7-Margaretha 1860/Henry Wright had 4 children…1 Facebook Friend 8-Gertrude 1862/Frank William/Charles Hines had 2 children…none 9-Andrew 1864/Josephine Brookman had 12 children… Over 80 Facebook Friends 10-John 1866/ Helen Classen had 9 children 11-Herman 1869 no kids, died early For number sake, let’s call this the first generation. My number is 9-11-6… Andrew is the 9th born, Andrew had 12 children. My father Gordon Zurn is the 11th child and I am the 6th child I am Andrew’s youngest grandchild, and probably Joseph’s youngest great grandchild. So descendants above, come join the Zurn 2020 Reunion site and see everyone your related to!!!

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