Team Boyd

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Team Boyd is a memorial fundraiser in memory of our son Boyd Xavier Warren. Each year on his birthday, we celebrate and remember him through a t-shirt fundraiser benefiting special community organizations. This is year 10 living without our son and yet, he continues to impact his family and communities. 
After 10 years of remembering Boyd in this way, we will be taking a break from the fundraiser but continue to honor his memory through gifts to special organizations and charities and we encourage you to as well!
This year's artwork design is very special. It is an original compilation collage by the talented Anna Favour (name dropping that she is my cousin). Anna took all of the past Team Boyd shirt designs as inspiration and included other special things from the past decade of remembering Boyd. 
This year's proceeds will benefit two very special organizations: 
The first is The Rockford Theatre in New Rockford. New Rockford was the community who helped us heal after the loss of Boyd and the love and support from that community will always hold a special place in our hearts and lives. The Rockford Theatre is a historical theatre in downtown New Rockford that was destroyed last year from a collapsed roof due to heavy snowfall. The theatre will be rebuilt and continue serving the community for generations to come! 
The second is Haven. The Haven organization was born out of the loss of another special little boy, Henry. From grief and despair and a lack of support, Haven was created to support parents going through the worst time in their lives. Haven provides healing gifts, support, events, grief retreats, memorial events and more to grieving parents in North Dakota and the midwest. I wish I had the support that Haven provides now when Boyd died. I'm so proud of the work they do for grieving families. 
You can support and remember Boyd in so many ways! You can purchase a product here, you can donate dollars through this site or you can always donate directly to the organizations in memory of Boyd Xavier Warren. 
With so much love and gratitude to our friends and family,
Sarah, Jake & Milo