Megan Peikert

HI! My name is Megan Peikert.

I am a recent college grad from MSUM. I have accepted a new job taking me from Fargo-Moorhead all the way to Indiana! I will be working full-time with Delight Ministries where I will have the opportunity to mentor, encourage, equip, pray for, and walk alongside young college women at around 20 universities. The "You Got This" motto has become a catchphrase of sorts with my family. In 4th grade you could hear my volleyball team shouting it from the rooftops even though our heads barely grazed the bottom of the net. It's a mantra I repeat almost daily as I think of how far I've come and the people standing behind me. It only seems fitting to take this motto with me on this next great adventure!

You Got This!

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