Leanne Strong

Leanne was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in March. She had surgery to remove the tumor and all the cancer that could be seen by surgeon. Leanne then did 6 cycles of chemotherapy and just finished!! Now she will be on Surveillance for at least 5 years, doing blood draws, scans, and physicals every couple of months. Leanne wants people to know that for her cancer journey so far the most important thing was the support she received and her family received is what is getting her through this journey! 
Leanne said, "When you get that phone call, that text from people who love and care about you asking how are you feeling, hows it going? Do you need anything? Telling you that they are praying. Telling you that you got this! Telling you that they love you! You know you're not going through this alone, and you fight harder! You know that you're loved! That’s the most important thing is to keep a positive outlook. Stay STRONG! Faith is also a big part of her journey. God is great!"
This storefront is to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer and to show Leanne the great community that stood by her side through her journey. Leanne Strong!
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