Ashby Roots

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All proceeds from t-shirt sales will support Ashby Roots and our 2021 #FINISHTOGETHEF summer event. 
During this #FINISHTOGETHER event, we will have FUN with activity to move our bodies, along with conversation and craft projects! During this event, each participant will set their own race goal by choosing to prepare for either the 1k or 5k race. Together we will prepare to participate in and #FINISHTOGETHER the Ashby Appreciation Days race July 17, 2021. 
Ashby Roots is open to all girls grades K and above in Ashby MN. All events are free for girls to participate in thanks to donations.
Our mission is to provide a fun space for girls to gather together to love themselves and build healthy & rewarding relationships with others- through conversation, journaling, crafts, and activity. 
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