Together Counseling | Farm-to-Farm

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Together Counseling:

Together Counseling exists to nurture every individual's well-being and assist them to reach their full potential through our transformative mental health care by bringing mental health services to all with creativity, inclusivity, and quality care. 

Farm-to-Farm Services:

We know the importance of Farmers & Ranchers in our communities. This is why we've made it our personal mission to provide a space for this special community and their families to find resources, help, and a community of folks who understand their day-to-day lifestyles and circumstance. Farm to Farm began as a concept and with the help of a network of like-minded people and organizations has grown to be an exceptional and accessible resource for farmers and ranchers in North Dakota. We offer an array of resources to individuals across the state from regular therapy sessions to community forums and even printable, educational materials.