The Vanity Bar Do Good Collection

The Vanity Bar Do Good Collection 
The Vanity Bar is built on the belief that being your best self is about taking care of yourself physically (look good), mentally (feel good), and harnessing all that energy into doing good in your community. Each year, the Vanity Bar will partner with an organization dedicated to doing good and support their mission by raising funds and awareness through our Do Good Collection. 100% of the proceeds from every item you purchase go directly to the organization we've partnered with. This year, The Vanity Bar is excited to be partnered with BIO Girls.  
BIO Girls is an inclusive program, welcoming girls of all demographics that is proven to increase the self-esteem of adolescent girls grades 2-6.They envision a world where every girl has the confidence to be her bright, bold and beautiful self.
Wear the collection and do good!


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