FM City Soccer

FM City Soccer is the largest adult and 16+ soccer league in the Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo area. Since being founded in 2017, FM City Soccer's mission has been to provide a competitive, enjoyable, and safe experience for athletes to connect and play the game they love.
100% of FM City Soccer's clothing proceeds are donated to local youth sports. That's right. ALL OF IT! Get a shirt for yourself while supporting youth athletes in need. It's a WIN-WIN! 
FM City Soccer supports shopping locally. The New Economics Foundation (an independent think tank) says purchasing from a local vendor puts twice as much money back into the community compared to purchasing from a chain store? Shirts From Fargo is located on 303 Broadway N; the heart of downtown Fargo. Shop Local - Love Local - Grow Our Community!
- Cory Schlack
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