Garden of Healing

The Garden of Healing Fargo is going to be a place that all people can come together for all sorts of healing in the community. The Garden got started from all hardships people have been experiencing especially in 2020. Despite the
adversity we all face, we are bringing the community together to love and celebrate life in many ways.  The founders felt it was necessary for the community to come together with a 24/7 winter/summer 365-day central, comforting place to reflect, meditate and be present in the calmness of nature.
Even though this Garden was stemmed from the loss of Cameron, we want it to be a place of life and living. All types of healing are welcome, from anyone who has lost a loved one, know someone
struggling or sick, or someone that has re-gained life by a donor or spiritual meaning.
The Garden is located at 5050 30th Ave South, Fargo, ND in Urban Plains Park just to the East of the Scheels Arena.
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