Angel Baby Mile

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The Angel Baby Mile was inspired by two sisters, Jules and Leni. I, their Mother, was not able to bring either girl home from the hospital. My heart broke and dreams shattered. Jules, the big sister, was born at 22 weeks with a condition called Anencephaly. This condition is not compatible for life outside of the womb. A few months after losing Jules we were blessed to have conceived Leni, the little sister. Leni had perfect development and growth. However, at 28.5 weeks little Leni's heart stopped beating. I love these two girls so much and am proud to call them my daughters.  I want to share them with others. Just like Moms of living children like to do.  


The Angel Baby Mile has been created for an opportunity for loss Moms, families, and friends to honor their Angel Baby(s). I want people to feel that they can and should share their precious baby(s). The mental and emotional struggle of trying to survive the loss of a baby is one of the hardest things a person will ever endure. It should not be a road walked alone. Community can help those grieving. I want to help build that community. Please remember that it is always okay to ask for help if you need it.  Sometimes our tomorrows do not look bright. Those are tough times.


The original Angel Mom collection was designed as a way for Mother's to proudly wear, honor, and remember their sweet babe(s). It is a BOLD and SIMPLE, but yet extremely complex statement. The Heartbeat Collection is a special edition series designed for all to show their support even if they weren't "just the Mom." The money raised through these shirts go towards the Angel Baby Mile fundraising efforts. The funds are all used to support local area (Northern Minnesota & Eastern North Dakota) families that have endured the loss of a pregnancy or of a baby.