January Storefront of the Month: Maximum Performance & Fitness

Posted by BigCommerce on Jan 6th 2022

All Maximum Performance & Fitness merchandise will be

10% off throughout the month of January!


January Storefront of the Month:
Maximum Performance & Fitness

Meet the West Fargo-based
small business
Maximum Performance & Fitness

For the first featured storefront of 2022, we wanted to pick a business that had health and fitness at the forefront of their mission. That's why we picked Maximum Performance & Fitness: a small business that puts your personal success and goals first.

Maximum Performance and Fitness is a comprehensive fitness facility that helps individuals attain one of the greatest gifts of all: improved overall health. They're a training facility, which means they have professionally trained staff helping you with your fitness goals along the way.

MPF is known for their "MELT" training program, which stands for motivate, educate, lose fat, and teamwork. Their MELT program is a circuit-style workout that combines traditional and non-traditional excercises, allowing you to focus on training different areas of your body while letting you excercise on your own time.

Their 10,000 square foot facility includes a turf outdoor workout space, self-driven treadmills, aqua rowers, Olympic lifting platforms, infrared saunas, and much more!

This month only, get 10% off ALL Maximum Performance & Fitness apparel available on the MP Fitness storefront. They're also offering special offers on training programs for new clients on the MPF website!

Shop new MP Fitness apparel below:

Q&A with owners of Maximum Performance & Fitness

Brad and Angela Nordstrom

What sets Maximum Performance and Fitness apart from other athletic centers/programs?

MPF is a training facility… meaning all of our clients are guided! You don’t have to wonder what or how to do something as our professionally trained staff will take care of you!  

I'm sure with the New Year comes many new clients looking to start their 2022 off in the right direction. Are there any specials for new clients?

We have a couple options… a new client offer for $50 for unlimited MELT training along with body composition assessments and nutrition guidelines as well as 50% off a 10 session punch card. Click on the special offer tab at our website to view the offers!

Leading off of the last question, what's something you want to tell any potential new clients thinking of joining MP Fitness?

Your success is our goal! Consistency and effort are the keys to making progress… we’ll give you the tools, all you need is to do the work.

What's your favorite way to stay active in the winter?

It’s not shoveling. MELTing at MPF, of course.

We love your "Nothing cute, nothing fancy" design. Are there any other relatable gym quotes that you may put on an MPF tee in the future?

Look Away!!! Look Away!!!

(that was a suggestion from a MELT client 😊)

Shop the MP Fitness classic collection below:

"Personal gains, such as improved self-esteem and self-motivation, combined with measurable physical benefits will create an infectious excitement within the client base and provide an explosion of activity in the community."

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Maximum Performance & Fitness:





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